Since 2002 Job Connections has specialised in the successful recruitment of International Nurses into the UK, as well as dealing with all the immigration matters relating to successful placements.

The recruitment of nurses from outside the UK / EU is a process which now requires considerable skill with an understanding of the new NMC requirements as well as being able to meet the immigration regulations mandated by UKVI.

We offer a very comprehensive service that covers not only sourcing and shorting-list suitable nurses for UK employer, but also covers handling their visa applications, coordinating travel into the UK and booking of the OSCE exams.

We offer 3 services for clients to choose from:

Full Recruitment Service

This covers all elements of the recruitment exercise; sourcing, screening and shortlisting suitable applicants for employers to interview. Overseeing the NMC application process. We collect and compile all necessary employment documents on behalf of the employer. We handle the visa application process and co-ordinate the travel arrangements, include booking flights into the UK.

Candidate Management Service

In cases where employers have their own applicants, we screen them for NMC eligibility and we also screen nurses for any possible visa issues right from the start before they move forward. Once the nurses pass their NMC eligibility, we guide them through their NMC document submission stage. We also check on their NMC status regularly, as their documents are being assessed. This service also covers visa processing.

Immigration services only

This service covers preparing and submitting the online visa application on behalf of the nurse. This is done through co- ordination of the nurse and the employer as we need information from both to prepare the visa application documents.

For more information, you can call us on 01342 314411 or email Charlotte jobs@jobconnections.co.uk